Thursday, 25 July 2013

Diary Post #31 *My Poorly Little Person*

Dear Diary... 

I thought Joel had developed a summer cold & Hay Fever, turns out I was only half right......... 

Joel does indeed have Hay Fever but he has also had a really bad cough since Monday, I thought at first that it was just the last "dregs" of his cold, but today his cold has gotten worse & his cough is just getting ridiculous. His little chest sounds so wet & rattly & he keeps coughing his guts up to the point where he goes purple from gagging so much :( So I couldn'y just sit & watch anymore, & at 11.20am today we took a trip to the doctors to get him checked out. 

As soon as we got into the doctors room he declared that Joel has indeed got a chest infection.. because he had himself an almighty coughing fit & was nearly sick, the doctor didn't even need to check his chest, although he did anyways just to confirm it. 

So my little Pumpkin is now on antibiotics to HOEPFULLY help shift his chest infection. This is Joel's first chest infection since he had major open lung surgery in November 2011 to remove his CCAM, which in all honesty is really good going considering whilst Joel was "with CCAM" he was literally having one chest infection straight after the other! /: 

Tonight I am feeling quite useless & a little low. Sitting & watching your child cough, choke & struggle to breathe from gagging so much & there being absolutely nothing you can do to help him asides from holding him close with lots of cuddles is totally heartbreaking. If cuddles & kisses alone could take it all away & make him better than I would sit with him all night long.. 

I am really hoping that these antibiotics kick in soon. I can't handle seeing my beautiful little baby boy unwell, it tears me apart.... 

Picture: Where I found Joel sleeping when I nipped in his bedroom to check on him. This was right before I lifted him into bed & he had an almighty 20 minute coughing fit. 

Get Well Soon Joelybum, Mummy & Daddy love you so so much. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

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