Saturday, 27 July 2013

Diary post #32 *Having a "moment*

Dear Diary.... 

Some of my neighbors are total ARSE HATS. so earlier tonight I was shouting my cat in for the night, as I do EVERY NIGHT, & the lad that lives over the road with his mum started shouting abuse at me out of his bedroom window..... 

Because he's such a damn fucking saint. 

Every night between the hours of 7pm-11pm he's blasts his shitty music from his bedroom with his windows open. I am not the first to complain of this. He knows fine well, that there is us with a little boy who live directly over the road from him & then there is a women (same age as me) who lives next door but one & she has a 4 year old little girl. & every night we have to put up with him blasting his trash whilst our kids try to sleep. 

So needless to say he's really pissed me off. 

how this total gaylord even thinks he's in the right to shout abuse at me for bringing my cat in is beyond me. Just because I actually give a shit about the welfare of my animals does not give him the right to be a total nobsack & I will be pulling him & telling him when I see him next. 

Fucking pot smoking, gym junkie, freak. 

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