Sunday, 28 July 2013

Diary Post #33 *Overcoming a fear*

Dear Diary.... 

Today I am feeling so proud of myself as yesterday I got through something that for a long time now made me feel so anxious & on edge. 

Yesterday afternoon, I took my son to a birthday party without my husband by my side. The birthday party was my husbands, mates niece, she was 4. I don't really know her mum as such so needless to say all morning I was crapping my pants about going. but I had to just keep reminding myself that I was doing it for Joel & that he would have a fabtastic time.

I have never been all that good in social situations around people I don't know, & over the past year I have gotten terrible & wouldn't be in any social situation without my husband.

but yesterday I did it... 

I spent 3 hours at Alex' 4th birthday party round all of her family & friends, people I didn't really know, but her mum (my hubby's friends sister) introduced me to a few people & they all got talking to me :) I also played with Joel on the climbing frames & slides, then before I knew it, the party was finished & everybody was leaving to go home. 

Needless to say I am still feeling really good inside for overcoming something that has had a hold over me for such a long time & I hope that next time I am invited to a birthday party without my husband I can go without feeling anxious. 

Every day I am slowly beating depression & anxiety, one obstacle at a time, & I couldn't be any happier. 

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