Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Diary Post#28. *A trip to the park*


Dear Diary... 

So, on a Tuesday & Thursday afternoon my 2 year old son attends nursery. & with the weather being so amazing this last week or so we have been able to take a few trips to the park after I have collected him & tonight, we did just that :) 

Just me & my boy in an empty park tearing around like two children.. 
as much as I enjoy the few hours that I get to do my "own thing" there is no better feeling when 5.30pm rolls round & I get to go & collect him from Nursery.! Every week I am greeted by his excited face squealing with excitement shouting, "my mamma" & then him cuddling & kissing me like he's been away from me for weeks, not a few hours! - my heart just melts.

There is truly no better feeling than being a Mum :) 

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