Monday, 5 August 2013

Diary Post #35 *General ramblee*

Dear Diary...

Trying To Conceive:
The last couple of days for me have been so frustrating & confusing, I just don't know what to do with myself. It all started on Thursday when I realized that my period was late, but I wasn't sure how late so I sat down & worked things out & it turned out that my period was in actual fact, 09 days late, so I did two tests but they were negative so I thought okay then, maybe my body is just playing silly buggers? but I am now 13 days late & I honestly feel shocking, I keep having on & off stomach cramps & thinking "okay AF is happen now" & then nothing does, I go to bed of a night feeling sick & I wake up of a morning feeling sick, certain foods & smells are turning my stomach & i'm even craving stuff!! I just feel mega crap & confused if I am honest. For the past 10 months me & my hubby have been trying for our second baby & it really is beginning to feel like it's happening for everybody else asides from us! /: I am going to give it until Friday & if AF doesn't arrive then I am guna go to the doctors, I don't fancy wasting anymore of my money on tests. 
Birdie Rescue:
On a more positive note, I saved a baby ring necked Dove yesterday. On Saturday evening my neighbor found it sat on her fence looking rather lethargic! when I walked up to it, it didn't move in the slightest, so I picked it up & I put it in a cardboard box with some water in my outhouse for the night & left it to chill.. The next morning I half expected to open the box to a dead bird, but it wasn't it was actually looking alot more lively, but I did notice an open wound underneath the doves wing & with it being Sunday I knew there was no vets near me open, so I searched the internet for an RSPCA number & gave the a call.. I was then told that an RSPCA offiecer would be at my house at 5pm to collect the bird & that I was to do hourly checks to make sure nothing changed with the bird in the meantime, nothing did, every time I opened the box, the little birdie kept attempting to fly out of the box, so I did spend a lot of my afternoon, cuddling the birdie & bathing his wound. when the officer came at 5pm, he told me that the bird looked as though he'd been caught by a cat, but thanks to me he should make a full recovery :) The officer then took the birdie home with him to put in his avery to be looked after until he is well enough to be released.. so needless to say, I still feel really good about that. 

My Little Person Joel:
Today even though I am feeling a little low over the whole "could I be pregnant" situation, I am also feeling very proud, this morning my little Pumpkin asked if he could use the big boy toilet after he saw me using it & he actually DID a wee! :) so all day I have been taking him up to the toilet whenever I have been & I have been sitting him on it in the hopes that he might go... he hasn't been since that first time, but the fact that he actually asked all by himself is a sure sign that I need to majorly crack on with potty training now!! :D I am so proud. my hopes are that by Christmas, our Pumpkin might be dry, through the day at least! 

 I am sorry that this post has been a bit of mixed emotions, but it always help me to write it all down! I am hoping that tomorrow I can wake up feeling a bit more positive about everything! Thank you for reading, until next time, take care! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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