Friday, 9 August 2013

Diary post #36. *Joel's Progress*

Dear Diary... 

I am sorry that I haven't posted in a few days, I have been quite a busy mamma this week. On Wednesday Joel saw his Speech Therapist for the second time (his first session since February) & I am so proud of my pumpkins progress, the women did some flash cards with him & he got every single one correct. Although he does tend to not listen properly & concentrate during tasks (which could be down to his hearing) he actually saw his arse a little bit with the women during one of the tasks so she had to stop & move onto something else with him. When she was asking him to find an object then do something with it, E.G: Find the spoon & put it in the cup, he could find the spoon but then instead of putting it into the cup he'd pick the knife up.. so that is now something we need to work on with him at home & also for the staff to work on with him when he's at nursery. Also she thinks that his speech pronunciation is quite behind for his age, but again, we are not sure as of yet if that is due to his hearing? Other than that she was very pleased with Joel's progress, & she thought he did very well when it came to things such as shapes, numbers & colors! :) She wants to see Joel again in November & hopefully by then he will have been for his second hearing test & we'll know what's happening & then she should be able to hopefully move on with Joel & begin to help him move forward with his speech pronunciation. 

I know he will eventually get there, its just going to take some time, but he has already come so far from just being able to "grunt & point" back in February.  

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