Sunday, 18 August 2013

Diary Post #39 *Five Random Facts*

Dear Diary... 

So today I thought I would share with you guys, five random but important facts about myself so that you can maybe get to know me a little more, & it may even help you to understand who I am. Here goes.... :) 

1) I was born at 27 weeks gestation on September 30th, 1987, I was born with Hydrocephalus & I had a 50% brain bleed, so because of that I now live with a VP shunt in my skull that helps to drain excess fluid from my brain, I also have chronic bronchitis lung disease throughout both of my lungs because I was born so early, my lungs weren't developed like they should have been Unless I was to have a full lung transplant, it can never be cured, so basically I will live with it for the rest of my life.. not that I noticed it all that much these days, unless of course, I am struck down by a chest infection. 

2) I was born in Barrow in Furness, Cumbria (UK) but with me being born so early I was transferred over to Leeds General infirmary. When I was 22 years old, I brought my son into the world in the exact same hospital, & the midwife that looked after us, was a midwife who had looked after me when I was in special care as a baby! :') weird huh?

3) I am terrified of the dark. When I come down for a drink in the night I have to turn on every light in every room whilst I make myself a drink, once all the lights have been turned back out on my way back upstairs I then run all the way back to my bedroom until I am safe tucked up in my bed. 

4) I talk to myself. like, have proper full-on conversations with myself & pretend the other person is talking back to me in my head. I have done this since I was a kid, it flares up even more when I am stressed out or I have something on my mind, & it is extremely embarrassing when somebody walks in on you having a little conversation with yourself. 

5) I bottle things up way to much & tend to let everything & anything get to me when really I shouldn't. This steams from my childhood, when I was 9 years old I witnessed my "sperm donner" beat the living shit out of my beautiful mum, then when I was 10, a man that my mum was seeing made me & my three sisters stripped down to our underwear whilst he took a belt to us! (my mum of course didn't know anything about this until months later) because of all this, I have always had trust issues when it comes to men, I can't handle anybody rising their voices or shouting because something inside me triggers & I totally freak out. The first man that I was ever able to trust with all my heart, was my husband Neil. 

I'm sorry if that last one was a bit raw. /: 
Thank you for reading guys, until next time X 

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  1. Hey
    I suffer from depression aswell have done for many years, ots very hard specialy when people don't know how to help x