Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Diary Post #40. *Update Thingy Ma Jig*

Dear Diary.....

So it has to be said, the past couple of days have been.... POSITIVE & GOOD :) 

I had a bit of a naff weekend & when you have a naff weekend you expect a naff week to follow but so far everything has been good - & fingers crossed it stays that way! tomorrow I am visiting my dentist, FINALLY!! I have been in agony with my tooth for over a week now & every time I tried to call up to make an appointment I just got cut off & the message "this number is unavailable"  YES! because that's useful isn't it?! so I managed a couple more days with the pain but then yesterday I had just totally had enough, I wasn't sleeping properly & I haven't been able to eat, so i'm STARVING!! not good for a big girl like me, i'm scared I might actually start to waste away & I can't be having that ;) so yeah I got talking with a couple of friends & they told me to give the number (111) a call, which is basically a line for things that are emergencies but not life threatening, if you get me? so yeah I gave them a call & within about half an hour I got a call back from an appointment center & they only fecking booked me an appointment with the dental surgery I had been trying to get through to since LAST THURSDAY!! >_< If I had just called them up first I might have got sorted this time last week!! so yeah, I see a dentist tomorrow (WOHOO) pretty nervous actually, as I haven't needed to see a dentist since 2009 & the last time I did, they pulled a tooth out :o so yeah fingers crossed that doesn't happen for me..... 

I get my tropical fish tomorrow WHOOP!! :) I have had a tropical tank in my house "cycling" for just under two weeks now & I am so excited to be getting my fish :) I am hoping to be getting a pregnant Molly fish, 2 other molly's & a bulldog plec. so yeah, I shall more than likely post an update on my fish friends tomorrow once I have them settled :) but for now I think I am going to leave this post as it, go numb my gob with some Clove Oil, which by the way tastes absolutely RANK!! but it totally works, & then I am going to get settled in bed with my kindle & do some reading. 

but before I go I want to leave you all with this very cute picture of my 2 year old son in our garden this afternoon, he was playing "peekaboo" in his playhouse & well, I just totally adore this photo & wanted to share it ;) 

Cutie-pie right? :D 

Until next time guys. Take care of yourselves & always remember to STAY POSITIVE because trust me, it's much nicer than being a miserable bastard, believe me, I know!!! :) Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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