Monday, 26 August 2013

Diary Post #41. *Hole in my mouth*

Dear Diary... 

So were did I leave this last? ah yeah, I was going to the Dentist on Wednesday... 

Well I went, I ended up having to take my son because my husband buggered off to the cinema (which is another story) so there was me laid down in a dentist chair & my 2 year old son with the second dental nurse engrossed in toy story stickers just to keep him quiet. The dentist took one look at my tooth & said it looked pretty knackered & she was 90% sure it had an almighty hole in it, so she then did an x-ray & she was correct, there was an almighty hole in my tooth, which explains the amount of pain I have been in over the past week!! so it was there & then that she decided it needed to come out. I was actually feeling quite nervous but it wasn't half as bad as I thought it was going to be, I had to have two needles placed in my gums to deaden the entire nerve, the second one was quite tender because she had to put the needle in right next to my tooth but it soon went numb, the pulling out part wasn't bad at all, just lots of pressure which did make me wince now & then. After she was done I was sent home with pain killers & a hole in my gum ;) 

Then on Thursday morning I woke up with my face swollen on the right side, so it was back to the dentist for me after a chat with a friend. Luckily this time around Joel was in nursery & I was basically in & out, I was told I was suffering with "dry socket" an infection in the hole were my tooth was. so she cleaned & my hole with some disinfectant stuff, which tasted RANK & she placed a seaweed dressing in the hole to prevent bits of food & air getting in. She also placed me on two lots of antibiotics & told me to carry on taking my pain killers. 

It's now Monday & I have been on my antibiotics for 4 days & the swelling it beginning to go down & i'm not in nowhere near as much pain as I have been, don't get me wrong it still has it's moment when it flares up IE: first thing in the morning & bedtime, but other than that it is, THANKFULLY, beginning to feel much better, I just need to keep on the antibiotics until the course is finished & hopefully by that point i'll be feeling right as rain again... fingers crossed :) 

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