Monday, 26 August 2013

Diary Post #42. *Tropical Fish*

Dear Diary... 

So as you may have all noticed I have started to become rather obsessed with fish! 

At first I just had some Goldfish, but then I was visiting my neighbor & he was telling me all about the different type of tropical fish you can get & that was it, I wanted some tropical fish, so as "tight" as it might sound, I took my goldfish down to my local pet shop & they re-home them for me. I was given a load of tropical fish information by him then I had to come home & clean out my tank, put in my heater & leave it to "cycle" for 2 weeks... basically it's were I have an empty tank running for two weeks with no fish. 

Two weeks past & the exciting day finally came were I could get myself some new fish (on Wednesday when I had my tooth out as it happened) I brought home with me a bulldog plec & 3 Molly fish, 1 male & 2 females. I have had my fish at home with me for 4 days now & I have noticed that my grey Molly fish is now rather pregnant, so we are going to be having lots of baby fry swimming around the tank, or rather, in my breeder box if I manage to get her in there before she goes into labor! I have around 1-2 weeks yet before she is expected to go into labor, but if your a mum yourself you will know that you can't always time when your baby wants to make its arrival. So I am just keeping a close eye on her now, & hopefully i'll manage to get her into the breeder box before she has her babies so that they will be safe from any other fish including their mum from eating them :) 

Below I have included a picture of my Bulldog plec, (because since he's gone in my tank he does nothing but hide so I never see him) & a video of my fish swimming around in their tank.

Enjoy :) 

Pickle the Plec. :)

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