Friday, 13 September 2013

Diary Post #46. *Joel's 3rd Birthday*

Dear Diary.... 

Today we celebrated our son's 3rd birthday... A milestone that this time three years ago I never thought we'd see. As most of you know Joel was diagnosed with a Malformation on his right Lung when I was 20 weeks pregnant & in his short little life has already been through umpteen hospital appointments, a CT scan were he had to be put under general anesthetic & then the big one, open lung surgery to remove the bottom lobe of his right lung. So for all of the reasons above & so much more, all of Joel's birthday's are a very emotional time for me, even as I write this I am fighting tears that threaten to escape just from thinking about all the rough times we have been through as a family! /:  


Today Joel was SPOILT ROTTEN. :) By both myself & his daddy & his grandparents. Watching him open all of his presents has been lovely, watching him tear the wrapping paper off each of his presents & then seeing his face light up with each gift has totally made my day. He truly is one very special little boy. 

This afternoon we had Joel a mini tea party kind of thing. His nanna came round, I made up some grub & we had some fun with all of Joel's toys & watched him blow the candles out on his cake :) we will also be repeating this again on Sunday at my mother in laws house so that the rest of the family can see Joel & give him his presents (My husband brother & sister & their little families) I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful 3 YEAR OLD!! :') even now it seems strange saying he's 3, I keep wanting to say he's 2! o.O hehe. 

Below I have included a few photo's from Joel's special day, I hope you enjoy them & thank you for taking the time to read my post :) 

Until next time bloggers, 
Keep smiling. Xxxxxxxxx

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