Friday, 13 September 2013

Diary Post #47 *Remembering Miley*

Dear Diary.. 

Not only was today my son's 3rd birthday, but it was also the birthday of a very special angel who lives up in heaven, my son's guardian angel, Miley Jo Cooper. :) 

I have been speaking to Miley's mummy (Erica) over the internet for almost 4 years now, since November 2009 when I had my miscarriage! Unfortunately that is how me & her mum became friends :( 

Joel & Miley share the same birthday & every year I like to remember Miley, so I send her mum some presents for her cabinet & she sends me a card for Joel, this has gone on for 3 years now. I also like to send a lantern up to Miley to let her know that I am thinking of her & this will never change because I feel as though Erica & Miley are apart of my family now, & even though I have never met Erica & I never got to meet Miley, I love them both so very much & well, it's good to show family how much they mean to you... right? ;) 

Miley's birthday presents that we sent this year. 

Miley's cupcake & candle.

Miley's lantern.

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