Monday, 23 September 2013

Diary Post #49. *Proud Moments*

Dear Diary.. 

Okay so this is probably going to sound really lame & pathetic to some people but to me, it's an achievement. :) 

I am so proud of myself & my tropical fish tank, because it is something that I have built up myself, a hobby that I have took on board & really enjoy, which helps me with my depression & anxiety issues. when I am feeling low, I get lost in my fish tank, I just sit & watch my fish swim round in their own little world, a world that I built for them.. something I can be proud of because I have done it all myself, I have put all my negative energy's into something & made it something good :) 

Like I say, it might sound really pathetic & sad to some people but to me, it's an achievement. it's helped me get through my bad days & still continues to do so because it's something I really enjoy. 

I currently own 15 additions to my tank. 
11 Molly fish (one baby) & 4 Tetra Neon fish. 

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