Sunday, 20 October 2013

Diary Post #52 * A Much Happier Post* (YEY)

Dear Diary 

So to distract me from the deluded people I called "friends" my husband decided to give me a slice of family time.... which I so love! :) 

Yesterday morning after Breakfast me & my boys made Rice Crispy Cakes. It was so much fun! I was practically drooling watching all the chocolate melt in the pan, the smell was utterly divine! 

After the chocolate was melted we pretty much let Joel do all the rest, watching him mix up the rice crispies with the chocolate was so eye opening, I just sat there observing him with his dad bossing him about & thinking "since when did my baby grow up?" :') 

After we had put the cakes in the fridge to set, the spoons has been licked by Joel ;) & the washing up had been done, we then headed out to Xscape for a Burger king lunch & then we spent the afternoon browsing in shops, eating ice-cream & chasing Joel round the park. We got home around 5.45pm & Joel asked to go straight to bed (he'd eaten so much he wasn't interested in any dinner) so we got him ready for bed & put him up with a peppa pig dvd. half an hour later I nipped in to check on him & he was flat out. :')

All in all yesterday was a lovely day, just me & my boys & it was very much needed, I spent last-night feeling so much better about myself & not caring of others. I have come to the conclusion that, it's those closest to me that I need the most, & everybody else can go do one! :D 

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