Thursday, 7 November 2013

Pregnancy Diary #4!! "Scary moment" Week 6.

Dear Diary

Week 6: 

On Wednesday morning (early hours) when I nipped to loo, for probably the fourth time that night, I noticed some blood when I was wiping. At first I just sat there staring at it, totally in shock, but when I wiped again there was absolutely nothing there. I kept an eye on things for a few hours after that & thankfully I didn't get anymore bleeding. The spot I did get was mostly pinkish/brown so just to be on the safe side I called up EPU (early pregnant unit) the following morning & they reassured me that because I am so early on, it was probably just an implantation bleed & that women can get implantation bleeds anytime between 4-6 weeks of their pregnancy. I never had this with Joel, infact I didn't get any bleeding with him whatsoever, so when I saw that tiny bit of blood on that piece of tissue, I kinda freaked.

As stupid as it may sound, my symptoms seem to have totally spiked since. i'm feeling sick ALL THE TIME, my boobs are agony (I feel like I am walking round with two humongous melons attached to my chest) & I keep getting serious heartburn. Although I am hating the feeling of wanting to vomit all the time, on the other hand, I am also quite happy about it because it reassures me that the bleed was probably just an implantation bleed & everything is okay. 

It's like my midwife explained to me when I saw her on Tuesday, the sicker you feel the better. 

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