Sunday, 10 November 2013

Pregnancy Diary. Week 6.

Dear Diary...

Week 6: 

So for the past couple of days I have been feeling so emotional. Absolutely everything is making me want to cry & on top of that, I'm missing a few people. People that don't really deserve me missing them, but that's just the way life goes I suppose. 

Today I have been feeling quite dizzy & having a fair few headaches, I read up on the baby center that it's mostly normal & that it's just your body gearing itself up ready for your baby growing, but me being me, I still get a touch paranoid. I suppose it's because I have wanted this for so long that I am so scared of it all being taken away from me :/ I am seeing my midwife again on 26th, only 16 days to go ha! I'm quite looking forward to seeing her again because not only is she lovely, but because already this pregnancy seems so much different to my pregnancy with Joel & I have a fair few questions that I want to ask. 

but all in all things seem to be progressing nicely & I'm really excited about the prospects of becoming a mum of two, even if it is still only early days. :)

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