Sunday, 17 November 2013

Pregnancy Diary. Week 7.

Dear Diary... 

7 Weeks:

So today I am 7+1 weeks pregnant & I can't believe how fast the past two weeks have gone, I hope the rest of my pregnancy continues like this. I got the date for my 12 weeks scan yesterday (Saturday) which is Tuesday 24th December at 9.40am, CHRISTMAS EVE!! ^_^ I am so excited it's unreal, but unfortunately, Neil can't come to the scan with me because his work are unable to free up any time for him with it being Christmas Eve! so instead his mum is going to come with me, which is just as good, don't get me wrong, but it would have been nice for Neil to be there with it being our very first scan of baby bean. Whereas now, nanna is guna get to see her second grandson before his dad gets to see him! yes I realize I have said "grandson", I just have that feeling. I had the same feeling with Joel, from 8 weeks I said he was a boy & I wouldn't listen to anybody who said he was a girl, because I was absolutely right & I know I am right this time too.. just call it mummy instincts ;) 

This week I have also been feeling anxious. I think that is because in my very first pregnancy, I miscarried at 7 & half weeks, so I just want to hurry up & get to 8 weeks. I think then I will calm down alot more, this "spotting" hasn't been helping my nerves either, but Early Pregnancy Unit have reassured me at least 3 times that it's perfectly normal at this stage & very common in second & third pregnancy, so I guess that is all positive at least. 

All in all I just need to keep positive & stay calm, I know my baby is fine, because if there was something wrong i'd definitely know about it. I am seeing my midwife again on 26th November, so I am sure a chat with her will also put my mind at rest too, roll on then I say. 

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