Saturday, 2 November 2013

Pregnancy Diary. Week 5.

Dear Diary... 

Week 5:

So this afternoon I received the biggest yet the most happiest shock of my life.. 

I am absolutely over the moon to announce that after 14 months of trying, I am now expecting my second beautiful baby! Joel is going to be a BIG BROTHER. I am so excited, even if I am slightly still in shock, I am also slightly nervous after everything I went through with my first two babies. All I am praying for is a beautiful HEALTHY baby! I don't care about what the sex is, I just want my baby to be well. 

Today I am 12 days late waiting for my period to arrive, then this afternoon when I was looking for a pen I actually found a pregnancy test in my kitchen draw, thinking "what the hell" I then decided to go & do the test.. what happened next totally sent me into total shock. I placed the pregnancy test down after doing the deed & I noticed that after a few seconds there was only one line so I reached out to the bin to throw the test away & then I saw with my own two eyes, a second line emerging! I then started shouting "there's a second line, oh my god there is a second line" then I started crying & was almost hypo-ventilating from the shock, I didn't for one single second expect it to be positive, especially after 14 months of negative tests. 

After I had pulled myself together, I then sat in the kitchen pacing waiting on my husband walking through the door (he was on his way home from town) As soon as walked through the door I just blurted it out & handed him the test, he hadn't even put his shopping bags down! but the smile on his face totally made me want to cry! even though we have been trying, I was still a little nervous about telling him?! but he took it great, amazing infact... already he's talking about baby names! ;) 

Needless to say we're both really excited about our new addition to the family, today we told Joel that he was going to be a big brother & we asked him if he wanted a brother of a sister & his reply was; "No sister, brother, we can play cars together" & in that moment reality hit me. I am going to be a mummy of two beautiful children & I honestly cannot wait.