Monday, 4 November 2013

Pregnancy Diary. Week 5.

Dear Diary.. 

Week 5:

So today I am seeing the doctor to collect my folic acid that I will have to take until I am 12 weeks & to also book myself in with the midwife. it is all so exciting, I did another test yesterday morning just to be sure & it might sound silly, but I want to the doctor to do another one as well just to confirm it for me, because I still kind of don't believe it. 

I have worked my dates out myself & if I am correct, my due date should in actual fact be 5th July 2014 which would now make me 5 weeks & 2 days pregnant. Already I am feeling stupidly tired, I mean I have been for the past week & half but back then I didn't know I was pregnant. & also the cravings have started, again these started a week or so ago before I even knew I was pregnant. 

I have been suffering with cramps for a few days now too, & although I know these are perfectly normal they'e still making me a bit edgy, especially since last-night when I had a dream that I started bleeding :( Not nice. All in all I am still very "oh my god I can't believe it" because asides from the bit of cramp, the needing to pee & sleep alot more, I don't actually feel so much different, but nevertheless, I am still dancing on cloud nine & nobody is spoiling it for me. 

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