Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Pregnancy Diary. Week 5.

Dear Diary.. 

Week 5: 

This evening I saw my midwife for the first time! she was lovely. She did my booking appointment & I had to go through everything that happened with Joel during my pregnancy & birth with him, & because of that I will be under a consultant at Leeds General Infirmary this time round (probably the same one was saw last time) she also cornered me & gave me my flu jab because now that I am pregnant along with my lung condition I am classed as even more "at risk" so to save any time I agreed for her to do it this evening! :) she also did my height & weight (eek) & because my BMI is slightly higher than it should be I need to have the GTT test when I turn 26 weeks pregnant, to make sure the baby doesn't cintract gestational diabetes! I had this with Joel & I remember it being dreadful because I had to sit around for 2 hours after I had the tests done & I was so hungry I nearly passed out. :/ let's hope I am better this time.

Other than all that (which took over an hour to go through) everything is good! she said that I am exactly 5 weeks & 3 days pregnant & my due date is 5th July 2014. It may seem silly to some, but now that I have seen the midwife, it all seems just that little bit more real!! I have to see her again in 3 weeks time to have all my bloods done etc but for now I am going to continue enjoying being pregnant! 

it still hasn't quite sunk in!^_^ 

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