Saturday, 7 December 2013

Pregnancy Diary. Week 10.

Dear diary.. 

Week 10: 

What can I say, I can't believe I am now on week 10!! two more weeks & I will be getting to see my precious little baby bean for the first time! :) Joel is also coming with me (along with my mother & father in law) at first it will be just me & my mother in law going in for the scan but then once everything has been done, measurements ect, Joel & my father in law shall be able to join us in the room to see baby bean! 

Not much has happened this week really. nausea has been kicking my ass big style! people are already thinking that I might be having a girl, because I didn't suffer to much with nausea or sickness with Joel. I think the biggest high light of my week so far has to be last night when the whole family went out to my husband's cousins' 40th birthday bash, the theme was a 70's night & it was awesome! seeing everybody dressed up in all the different outfits was a good giggle! Joel had great fun, he spent alot of the night dancing with his cousin Chloe, chasing the disco lights across the room & rolling around on the floor! He also took a liking to the pool table area, he spent a majority of the night watching people play & sneakily runing family members games by potting their balls! (it's a good job the tables' were free) nobody minded though, they all thought he was adorable & so he got away with it! ^_^

Other than that I have had a rather quiet week doing not much at all, i'm looking forward to Christmas now. We did some shopping today & tomorrow we re taking Joel to see Santa! an update will follow.

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