Monday, 16 December 2013

Pregnancy Diary. Week 11.

Dear Diary. 

11 weeks: 

So I am not going to lie. Today I am 11+2 weeks pregnant & in 9 days I have my 12 weeks "dating" scan & I am utterly terrified. 

I don't even know why.

I never felt like this with at my 12 weeks scan with Joel, I was so excited. Then again, I never expected to attend my 20 weeks scan with Joel & be told he had something wrong with his right Lung. So I guess that plays a part, the fact that I am also worrying about my 20 weeks scan too! I just want everything to be well this time round, & deep down & I know it is, but I just can't help feeling nervous. it's quite silly really. Other than this I am really enjoying my pregnancy so far. I can't believe that in 5 days time I will officially be 3 months pregnant, like where the hell did that go?

This week I have been feeling "less" sickly, it's still there, but not all the time now at least, but my boobs are like MELONS! jeez, the slightest touch makes me want to cry like a baby, they're so sore! :/ all part & parcel I guess ;)

I will update again when I have had my scan sorry this week's post isn't very long, but not much has happened really.. pregnancy wise!

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