Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Pregnancy Diary. Week 17.

Dear Diary: 

Week 17: 

This week I have started to suffer alot with back & hip ache, & my stomach feels incredibly heavy. So, tonight i've had to hunt out my birthing ball from my pregnancy with Joel for me to sit on & try to ease my backache the best I can. 

I am also finally beginning to bloom & get a bump! ;) which probably explains the back & hip ache! I am struggling to sleep of an evening, due to my groin muscles having spasms & me being woke up in pain.. who said all of pregnancy was glam!

Little bean, 17 weeks & 5 days. 

Asides from all of this I am really enjoying my pregnancy, & I am extremely looking forward to seeing my little bean again on 26th Feb for my 20 weeks scan, fingers crossed everything is well with our baby. 

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