Sunday, 9 February 2014

Pregnancy Diary. Week 18.

Dear Diary...

Week 18: 

so not much has been going on this week in the baby growing department.. bit of a quiet one really. 

What I do find fascinating though,  is the updates that I recieve each week, I never signed up to anything with Joel. so this week, my baby is 5 & half inch long from crown to rump, & almost weighs 7 ounces & is around the size of a Bell pepper.... oh my! :') 

also my little womb lodger is beginning to flex his arms & legs & that is probably why I am beginning to feel more & more movements, I wouldn't say "kicks" yet though, they're still more like flutters & always seem to happen of an evening when I am relaxed or going to bed! I found out that our little bean won't really move much in the day at the moment with him still being small, because when I am moving around, I am actually rocking my baby to sleep with all my moving - too cute! 

so that's week 18 for you all... do keep posted for week 19! I am sure it'll be interesting. 

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