Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Pregnancy Diary. Week 20!

Dear Diary...

Week 20: 

Our beautiful little lady. 

So we are now "officially" half way there *sings Bon Jovi living on a prayer* this week has been such an emotional one for me but today I got the news I was so desperate to hear. 

This morning we attended our 20 weeks anomaly scan, & everything was perfect. I am absolutely over the moon to announce that our babies lungs are perfectly healthy! No signs of CCAM whatsoever. Tracey, the lady who did our scan was so lovely, she showed us everything she was doing & talked us through it all & we even got to see for ourselves how clear our babies lungs are! 

Relieved is not even the word. I am so happy! :D 

After our scan we saw our consultant (or at least one of his colleagues) & she spoke with me about my birth options. I have opted for a section (which was also recommended) due to my difficulty & complications giving birth to Joel three years ago. On top of that I was also terrified of the thought of having to go through natural labor again so her saying "yes, we'll book you in for a planned section" really took some weight off my mind. I just didn't think for a second we would get our date TODAY! :D she told us that we'd be booked in when I reached 36 weeks & then she went on to talk about something else but then came back on to the subject of our section date & asked us if we wanted her to see if she could book us in for our date today.... & I can't believe that she actually managed it. 

So it has now been decided & we are booked in for our little lady to enter the world on 7th July 2014, when I am 39+4 weeks pregnant. I have to see my consultant again at 36 weeks to sign all the consent forms & stuff but other than that I won't really need to see him again until then! unless of course something is seen at our 28 & 34 week growth scans! (I have to have these because of my weight & my BMI being above 30, or at least I think that is why?) either way I don't mind... it means we get to see our little lady two more times before she's here! 

I am so excited, but I am also still in shock. I can't believe that I am actually going to have a daughter, until today, I wasn't sure if I wanted a girl, but now we have been told there is a little girl growing in my womb I couldn't be happier! I now have one of each.. Our family is finally almost complete & I just know already from the bottom of my heart that Joel is going to make the BEST big brother in the world.. He is going to dote on his little sister, I can already see it. 


Later, when we got home, we did a "gender reveal" with a friend. Another friend of mine made me some Cupcakes with pink icing on the inside so we didn't actually tell my other friend the sex of our baby, we just gave her a cupcake, told her to take a bite & that would tell her the sex of our baby! I have never seen her jump up & down so much with excitement! :D It was brilliant. After we had announced the sex of our baby, we also asked her if she would be Joel & little lady's god mum..... I think it's safe to say that she went home this evening one very happy person!! ;) 

That's all to report this week folks! 
Keep tuned for the next update... I hope you are enjoying my pregnancy diary? 

Thank you for reading. Xxxx 

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