Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Diary Post #59.

Dear Diary... 

So I haven't done one of these sort of posts for a while now... since February in fact. In a way I see that as a positive because it means my life is on track & everything is going so well. It's all thanks to the support I have from my husband, his family & my friends. I also find having a certain friend back in my life has helped alot because we're like glue! we see each other every week & I know I can talk to her about ANYTHING. Don't get me wrong, I know I can talk to my husband about anything too, but he's a guy, & there is nothing better than having a female friend there to have a good girly gossip with. 

I have spent the past few months feeling really good, building bridges were I can & getting back on track with a few people & my life in general. 

"it's feels so good to feel happy." 

I'm learning to open up when I have a problem, my husband even commented a few days ago about how much more I am actually going to him & opening up when I have something on my mind, I think I have finally realized that bottling things up & trying to deal with them alone doesn't always work & the consequences can be deadly. 

On Sunday we took Joel to Temple Newsam, ut was a fantastic day. We took a long walk round the farm with nanna whilst granddad & daddy took the dogs on a long walk. I had to miss out on seeing the baby lambs & goats as there were signs all over warning pregnant women to avoid the sheep & goat pens during lambing season but I still got some photo's thanks to June ;) after the farm we all met up & had our picnic & some ice cream in the sun, before checking out the new park with Joel. It truly was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

I'm not sure if it's just the hormones rushing around in my body due to being almost 6 months pregnant, but just recently I have realized just how happy I am & how bless I am to have the family that I do. I love my two boys (& my little lady) more than anyone in this world. We've had our ups & downs over the years me & Neil, but we've always come through even stronger! Meeting Neil & then having Joel has changed me more than anyone will ever know & I am so proud of who I am today & it's all thanks to these two very special people in my life. i'd go to dust with them, I really would. 

Right now my life honestly cannot get any better... I have the worlds most supporting & loving husband, a beautiful little boy & a precious little girl on the way in July.

I am so HAPPY. <3

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