Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Pregnancy Diary. Week 21.

Dear Diary.. 

Week 21: 

So this week I am still digesting the fact that our baby girl is HEALTHY & also the fact that she is actually a GIRL! :') Not that I didn't ever want a girl, I just never imagined myself with one! I guess because I already have a boy I was just convinced i'd get another. I have spent this last week looking at loads of girlie bits that I can buy for her in the coming weeks & I am so excited. Also, she finally has her name (which I am not sharing until she is born, sorry) I want to, I really do, but I also think it will be lovely to announce her name for the first time once she has entered the world. 

Other than this, nothing else has really been happening this week. I am getting used to saying "she" instead of "he" jeez, how wrong was I on that, but then on the other hand, it just feels so right. I kinda knew about 2 weeks before I had my scan that we were possibly having a girl, I just got this overwhelming feeling & I wasn't surprised in the slightest when it was confirmed, infact I was over the moon because I was already really set on her name & the fact that I hadn't really paid much attention to a boys name kinda made sense once we knew her gender! 

I am now looking forward to our 28 weeks scan on 16th April when we get to see our girl once again, this is just a routine growth scan & we'll be having another at 34 weeks, then at 36 weeks I see my consultant to sign all the consent forms for my section & at 39+4 my girl will be entering the world!!! eeeek, exciting. :D 

Keep a look out for next weeks post... 
i'm sure it will be exciting, I hope you are enjoying my journey so far? 
thanks for reading. Xxxxx 

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