Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Pregnancy Diary. Week 22.

Dear Diary... 

Week 22:

This week I am truly struggling to keep my baby girl's name under wraps. It's so hard! with Joel I announced his name the moment we found out his sex, & that was that, but this time I didn't want to do that because I wanted something that was secret up until she is born, but now I am not so sure as I am really struggling! Neil doesn't see the reasons why I have kept her name quiet, which is making me want to cave even more! 

I really do think that it will be lovely to announce her name for the first time once she is here, but I am also no good under pressure & keeping secrets, especially exciting secrets of my own! 

Pregnancy this week is pretty quiet, LOTS of movements from little lady, sometimes it actually hurts when she kicks, I know that sounds proper wussy, but she kicks so low down that it also makes me feel slightly nauseous. 

I'm pretty excited about seeing our little lady again in 5 weeks time for our 28 week growth scan! Bring on 16th April.. 

That's all for this week, keep an eye out for next weeks post. 

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