Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Pregnancy Diary. Week 23.

Dear Diary.. 

Week 23:

So this week I am suffering badly with "Pregnancy Nightmares" & it has to be said that waking up in the middle of the night crying at the age of 26 years old, is NOT attractive. 

Other than the nightmares I am feeling great emotionally. I can't actually remember the last time I had a really bad day, today I am a little anxious due to the nightmares, but I am hoping that will pass.

Symptoms this week include; Tiredness, nausea, backache, & a very heavy feeling feeling tummy. My girly is doing well though, very active, she starts kicking the moment I wake of a morning & will sometimes continue throughout the day but there is definetely a pattern, she mostly kicks when I have eaten/drank something & of an evening is when she has her "energy spurts" also, I am not sure if it is classed a "symptom" but I can't help but want to CLEAN EVERYTHING at the moment. I can't keep still for too long, I have to be doing something, I think they call it nesting? but i'm not sure, I never had this when pregnant with Joel.. This pregnancy is different in so many ways.. <3

Over all I am really enjoying my pregnancy & I am getting so excited about finally meeting her in 16 weeks time.. I can't wait. 

That's all for this week, keep a look out for next week's post. 
Thanks for reading. Xxxxx 

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