Monday, 31 March 2014

Pregnancy Diary. Week 25.

Dear Diary.. 

Week 25: 

So this week, today actually! I my #GTT (glucose tolerance test) & it is probably the one & ONLY thing I hate about pregnancy because not only did I have to fast from Midnight the previous night, I had to also endure a 20 minutes car journey up to the hospital so we could be there for 9am so I could have two sets of bloods done & drink some glucose liquid! & frankly, my little lady isn't a fan of me travelling by bus or car as it is, never mind with an empty stomach! then there is also the fact that I am probably the most awkward person in the world to get blood from! -_- 

For those who don't know what a glucose tolerance test is, it is a procedure that woman with a "high bmi" have to go through to ensure that they don't develop gestational diabetes! In all honesty, I never developed it with Joel, so hopefully I won't this time either, & i was much bigger with my son! 

When I arrived I had to have my first set of bloods done then I had to drink the glucose liquid! Eeek, it tasted like rancid really flat coke that had been left to go warm for a week. After that I had to just sit quietly for 2 hours whilst the glucose coursed my veins. After the 2 hours (which felt alot more like 5 hours because I was starving) I had my second set of bloods took & was then told I could go home! & feast ;) 

An hour into my "waiting" I went dizzy & ended up sat on the floor with my legs crossed & my head in my arms on a chair I was supposed to be sat on! I thought would have been better for me to get on the floor, rather than fall down on it. 

Thankfully all is over & done with now & after a good lunch time feast I am feeling much better! I am just left with this cotton wool & tape on my arm now that I haven't yet had the guts to take off because my arm is still slightly tender after being jabbed four times with needles to get blood! 0_0 #thejoysofpregnancy

That's all for this week really. 
keep an eye out for my next post... 

thanks for reading X 

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