Saturday, 12 April 2014

Diary Post #60.

Dear Diary... 


A few weeks back I thought my depression was resurfacing, so I took myself to the doctor & spoke to my midwife, something I wouldn't of done before when my depression was bad i'd of just let things get worse for myself, so that in itself showed me i'm still doing well, & it turns out that I was just struggling with the extra amount of hormones rushing around in my body due to being pregnant, which was good to know. 

On the "depression" side of things, I still have days were my anxiety gets the better of me, but I am now also learning my triggers, so i'm also learning how to handle my "episodes" when they occur. 

so needless to say things are pretty good right now, which is something I have been longing to be able to say.. 

On Thursday (10th April) Me, Joel, Neil, Neil's mum, his sister & her two girls all took a trip to Tropical World in Roundhay, Leeds. it was an awesome day. We got to see all the huge fish, the little meerkats & all the butterflies, snakes & bugs. It was a fantastic day, although it was terribly hot in there ha! ;) 

After Tropical world we visited the gift shop & then the park.. I have never seen Joel have to much fun! I was completely ditched once we arrived at the park & he just wanted to hang out with his cousins! Mummy was completely ditched, which kinda worked out to say my hips were killing me & all I wanted to do was sit down & rest after walking round Tropical world.

In 12 weeks time I will be bringing our beautiful daughter into the world & i'll become a mother of two! so, I am enjoying every moment of my last months as a mother of one! I can't wait for my family to finally be complete. 

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