Monday, 28 April 2014

Pregnancy Diary. Week 29.

Dear Diary... 

Week 29:

29+4, 10 weeks today I will be cuddling my beautiful newborn baby girl. It's the final hurdle now.

This last week or so has been completely overwhelming. Easter weekend we purchased our girl's pram, we got her the Mothercare Expedior in salsa red. it's utterly amazing & I can't wait to put her in it for the first time. 

It's all beginning to feel so real now, yet I still can't seem to get my head round the fact that in just a few short weeks I am going to be a mummy of two! :D I'm so excited but I am also terrified at the same time. 

Symptoms this week have been; Braxton hicks - whoever said they didn't hurt has clearly never experienced them! heartburn, back & hip ache, plus the tiredness has also started to kick in again, i'm now back to grabbing myself a nap whenever I can because I feel exhausted all the time!

I am also finding myself constantly cleaning! I'm guessing this is what they call nesting? I never experienced it with Joel, but this time round I am constantly on the go! I can actually say I have an empty washing basket for the first time ever this week! the nice weather has also helped because I have been able to get everything out on the line! This week I have also striped my living room ready for it to be redecorated in the next couple of weeks! I can't wait until it is looking all nice again! 

Nothing else to report this week really, 
keep a look out for my next post. X 

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