Monday, 19 May 2014

Diary post #62.

Dear Diary.. 

This time last year I had hit a rocky road in my life. I was an utter mess & I never thought the day would come were I could actually say that I am finally in a place were I can feel happy & contented once again, but I am here!! I have arrived. Life is fucking amazing! <3

I am slowly learning & seeing who is there for me & who isnt, & those who aren't I am cutting all ties with & letting go, for good! onwards & upwards baby! I only need & I only want positive people in my life, no miserable bastards bringing me down! I see this now... It took long enough. Positive thoughts bring positive feelings & ultimately make you happy! & in all honesty, being happy is all I want. 

Depression/Anxiety & Panic attacks are a shit deal. I still sometimes have days were I think I can't cope anymore, but never again will I succumb to it & let it take over my life like I did last year. I have my two beautiful babies to think about, to love & to protect. They need me more than ANYONE! 

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