Monday, 19 May 2014

Pregnancy Diary. Week 32.

Dear Diary..

Week 32: 

On 13th May I saw my midwife again for another check up which went great, our daughter is growing right on target & her heart rate was 138bpm! she sounded so happy & content, it was lovely! by far my most favorite part about seeing the midwife ;) 

Whilst I was with my midwife I was also given my Hooping Cough Vaccine! this helps to build my immune system as well as our daughters, which will help protect her from any infections or illness once she is born, right up until she has her first vaccinations at 8 weeks old! The only thing that is a tad naff about it is, I have been feeling incredibly lousy! It has given me a right belter of a cold, that I am still trying to shift & on top of that I have just gotten over a chest infection too! :/ but all in all I am feeling good. 

My mood has been a little all over the place these past few days, bawling my eyes out one minute & then feeling incredibly happy the next! Joys of carrying a girl I suspect ha! my symptoms haven't been too bad this week though thankfully! the heartburn seems to have calmed down a little, that is as long as I don't eat something I know will flare it! The only thing I have really been struggling with this week is the tiredness! what with all this hot weather, I have been slowly melting & wanting to do nothing but sleep! 

The highlight of my weekend was when I took an afternoon nap in just a tshirt & my underwear on top of the covers with my bedroom window wide open & the fan on me! ;) total bliss! 

Next Wednesday we get to see our daughter for the LAST TIME before she is born! this is a little gutting, but also very exciting because I know we are finally getting that little bit closer to finally meeting her! I then see my midwife again on 3rd June! 

Not long left to go now! - 7 weeks! 
I am so excited. 

That is pretty much it for this week! 
thanks for reading. Xx

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