Sunday, 8 June 2014

Pregnancy Diary. Week 34.

Dear Diary.. 

Week 34: 

So this week I had a bit of a scare... my own doing! 

I was in the back garden playing Frisbee with Joel & it went over into next doors garden! next door who are NEVER in I may add. So not even thinking about it, I decided I would climb over the fence to get Joel's frisbee back! something every mother would do for their child right? not at 34 weeks pregnant with a huge stomach they wouldn't..... but I didn't think of this until later on! 

I climbed over the fence & got myself stuck, I had one leg over into next door & my other still in ours & I couldn't hoist my leg over & the more I tried the more I was pinned down on the fence & putting pressure on my stomach! what to do? there was nothing I could do because there was only myself & Joel home, so I had to carry on! eventually I got my legs over the fence, grabbed the frisbee & got back over into our garden, but then panic struck as I began stuffing stomach cramp! They didn't last too long & the whole time my girl was kicking, but hell did it scare me!! after that she went awfully quiet too, so I spent the rest of the day constantly going to the toilet expecting to see blood! When evening came & she wasn't her usually lively self I freaked out & called maternity assessment, told them what happened & they told me that she is perfectly protected in there but sometimes a knock to the stomach can make the uterus move backwards, so although she would still have been moving as normal I wouldnt have felt it much, so I was told to get a bath (because the water from the bath would push my uterus to the front of my stomach) & if I didn't feel her move in the next hour I could go in & they would do a heart trace on her!

THANKFULLY after only being in the bath 20 minutes she was kicking the crap out of me again & honestly, I don't think I have ever been so relieved to have her sticking her body parts out  hurting me! Needless to say I haven't climbed no more fences & I have really been thinking about what I have been doing! 

Symptoms this week have been; 

HIP PAIN like you wouldn't believe, i'm pretty sure she's starting to engage now as I keep having pains in my groin that feels like somebody is stabbing me & they're quite "stingy" too! 

TIREDNESS Still suffering with this little beauty unfortunately, but this week it has felt like no many how much sleep I have gotten I could still sleep for the remainder of my pregnancy.

HEARTBURN The heartburn has been dreadful, I haven't been able to eat anything without suffering! so I just eat whatever I want now, I have come to the conclusion that, doesn't matter what I eat i'm still guna get heartburn so I may as well enjoy my food ha! 

SWELLING This week I had to take off my wedding & engagement rings, which has made me feel utterly naked & on top of that, it's my 6th wedding anniversary on Saturday 14th June & I just feel so wrong not wearing my rings! I have also had to purchase some flip flops because I can no longer get my feet into my trainers! (such fun) 

Only another 29 days days left to go now though & our beautiful little lady will be here! Now the countdown really begins & i'm not going to lie, i'm shitting my pants! 

That's it for this weeks update, keep a look out for next weeks! ;)
Thank you for reading! X  

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