Monday, 16 June 2014

Pregnancy Diary. Week 35 & Week 36.

Dear Diary. 

So guys, this post is going to be a double dose as I completely forgot to do a week 35 post due to so much going on at the moment! i'm sorry about that. 

Week 35 & Week 36:

The last two weeks have been rather eventful to say the least.. at 35 weeks I visited the hospital to sign all my consent forms for my elective section & have MRSA swabs done & apart from the hospital being utterly chocka-block & me not actually seeing anyone until an hour after my appointment should have been, everything else went pretty much to plan! because of my lung condition though, I have to see an anaesthetist on Thursday (19th June) so they can check my chest & talk to me about what will be happening in theatre. also on 2nd July, I have to go & have my pre-bloods done so that they have blood on standby if I need it during or after my op! This can't be done though until 5-7 days before my section, hence why I will be having it done on 2nd July!

HOPEFULLY asides from these two appointments, that's me pretty much done with the hospital now until section day, fingers crossed. I will still be having appointments with my midwife right up until I have our little lady though, then until I am 10 days post op! after that I will be discharged & my health visitor will take over from my midwife! 


Braxton hicks, pelvis pain, backache, heartburn & swelling of the hands, feet & ankles have become the main culprits this past fortnight. Such fun.

 Me & my Princess Fiona Ogre feet. 
don't you just LOVE the back end of pregnancy? ;) 

That's it for this "fortnights" instalments! keep an eye out for our next post. 
Thank you for reading. X 

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