Sunday, 29 June 2014

Pregnancy Diary Week 37.

Dear Diary.. 

Week 37: 

So this week has been a bit of a crazy one! at the beginning of the week I started to really suffer with what I thought was Braxton Hicks, then on Tuesday evening, I had a blood show, so I rang maternity assessment & they told me to relax, take some pain killers & get a bath, all of this I did but through the night I started to suffer with pains that were vertually on top of each other! all day Wednesday I wasn't sure what to do with myself, I didn't want to go all the way to hospital just for them to say "its just Braxton Hicks" me look like a total fool & be sent home! so I carried on suffering... but come evening time, I couldn't take it no more & the pains had become really rather intense, 3-4 minutes apart & lasting 1+half minutes, so me & the hubby took a trip up to hospital & our friend Tasha took Joel to her house.

when we got to the maternity assesment center, they examined me & told me I was actually 2cm dilated, but my daughter is lying in the "back to back" position, which can be why I am  having contractions that are practically "on top of each other" but i'm not really progressing. the back to back position can really slow labour down. They then decided to keep me in over night because I was in so much pain & also because I am booked in for a planned section. I had a bath after Neil went home at 10pm & spent alot of the night bouncing on a birthing ball, but nothing seem to ease the pain! 

Thursday morning my contractions really sped up & I was taken over to delivery suite so that more could be done for me pain wise! again I hadn't progressed though, I was still stuck at 2cm! I spent all day having contractions & it was suggested that I should maybe get into one of the birthing pools to help with the pain, so I did this & it was AMAZING! ;) but after that the pains just stopped dead... :/ altogether I spent 48 hours in hospital with contractions & agonizing backache due to my daughters position! but because I hadn't yet progressed past 2cm, they let me come home! 

I got home to my boy Friday afternoon! & i've pretty much been the same since, i'm still suffering with "tightnings" & agonizing backache, so I am spending alot of time in the bath to ease the pain & trying to rest up the best I can. 

I am now 38 weeks & 3 days along in my pregnancy & we have 8 days to go until I have my planned section, & I am not even joking, it can't come fast enough! I have now given up on my daighter making an "early" appearance, I think she's just being a meany with me & i'm guna have to wait until 7th July when I have my section to get my first cuddle!

Symptoms this week have been; Heartburn, contractions & backache!! swollen feet, dizzy spells & TIREDNESS!!!! - due to not being able to get comfortable, anywhere!

That's all for this week... 
Hopefully I get to write one more post before our little ladybug arrives & if not, then I guess my next one will be our birth announcement! :D Thank you for reading. X 

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