Sunday, 27 July 2014

Diary Post #57.

Dear Diary... 

Thursday 3rd July 2014, my life changed hugely. I have gone from being a mummy of one, to a mummy of two! I won't lie, this thought scared the crap out of me 9 months ago! Never for a second did I think that I could, or that I would, love my second child as much as I love Joel, especially after everything we have been through with him & his "ccam" & also with how strong our bond is, I didn't think I could have a bond so strong with him & love another child also.

How wrong was I. 

The past three weeks since my daughter entered the world has been amazing! Joel has taken to being a big brother amazingly &, I love both my children, immensly! it's amazing how she has just slipped into our everyday lives as though she has always been here.. 

I couldn't imagine my life with only one child now. & I don't want too. 

Joel & Felicity are my absolute world & I have never felt more complete than I do now. One of the best things that I have achieved in life is becoming a mummy, & I wouldn't swap it for anything.. yes it can be challenging & sometimes even hard, but my children are so totally worth it. <3

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