Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Pregnancy Diary. Week 39. (Welcome to the world Felicity.)

Dear Diary.. 

Week 39:

I would like to introuduce to you all our beautiful daughter, MISS FELICITY RAE-ELLEN MORTIMER. who entered the world at 39 weeks gestation; Thursday 3rd July 2014 at 12.40pm weighing 7lb 14oz! I kind of always knew she "might" arrive early, but I got the shock of my life when she actually did. 

As you all know, if you have been following, I was taken into hospital at 38 weeks & told I was in slow labour & stuck at 2cm dilated. well, exactly one week later, the following Wednesday tea time, I was once again back at the hospital, only this time i'd had my "blood show" & contractions had been coming since early hours of Wednesday morning! I was examined & told that I was 3cm dilated & they took me up to the delivery suite, at this point I wasn't too excited as we'd been through all this the week before & I just assumed i'd spend a few hours there, come back to the ward & then go home the following day! I did spend a few hours there & then end up back on the assesment ward, but at 2am, my contractions had sped up & become a little more regular, so I was examined again & found to be 4cm dilated, finally ESTABLISHED LABOUR! what I had been waiting for a whole week! typically it happened two hours after Neil had been sent home, so I sent him a text told him I was on delivery but to get some sleep as nothing too drestic was happening at the moment. 

On delivery suite I was given gas & air (the good stuff) & dyamorphine for the pain! I remember talking with the midwife for a few hours, we got talking about our favorite mcdonalds foods, family, friends ect, it was really nice & then things start to go a bit blurred in my mind. I remember Neil arriving around 6am & the midwife examining me again & telling me I was 6-7cm dilated & I also remember a new midwife introuducing herself to me at change over around 7am, after that I think it was around 10am & I was asking for an epidural because the pain had gotten really bad & because our girl was back to back the contractions were all building up in my back & the only comfy place was on all fours! I don't know what time it was, but I was eventually given at epidural at full dilation, this isnt usually recommended but because of the positiong of our daughter the doctors were concerned about the amount of pain I was actually in so they went ahead & it worked. I then spent one hour trying to push our daughter into the world, but unfortunetely she didn't move down enough so I was taken for forceps in theatre which also failed, so I was then given the section that I had signed up for at 36 weeks & at 12.40pm our duaghter came into the world. 

After 4 days in hospital we are now home & I am loving every moment of being a Mummy of two! I had so many worries about how things would be when I was pregnant, & thinking back now, I really don't know why I was worried! Joel loves his sister to the stars, & although she has only been here with us 6 days, it already feels like she's been here forever! 

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