Sunday, 27 July 2014

Three positives a day... Day 2.

Day 2. 

1) Today was spent with my little family in the sun. We had lunch at TGI's & then took a stroll around freeport & let Joel spend his £30 that his nanna gave him.

2) I still can't believe I have been a Mummy of two for three weeks!  i'm truly loving & cherishing every last moment.

3) Having Felicity has made me realize just how much Joel has grown really up these past few weeks & it's actually quite scary when I am sat watching him do things. You can have a full on adult conversation with him now & he just wants to help out with everything when it comes to his sister, he's a little champ! I never want my babies to grow up, but I guess it's inevitable! 

Here is a picture of our little family that Neil's mum snapped for us this afternoon! I am going to frame it & have it put on our wall in the living room. 

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