Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Three positives a day.... Day 4.

Day 4. 

1) I finally got some answers when I saw the midwife today.. she got me straight in with the doctor & I am now being treated for a severe bladder infection & also a second infection in my section scar! I have to go back to him again next week for a check-up, but fingers crossed the antibiotics I am on now will have me on the road to recovery! 

2) Had my ladybug weighed today & nearly fell off my chair when the midwife said she'd gained another 12oz, in just 6 days & is now 9lb 6oz! Little piglet. 

3) Spending the evening relaxing with Neil, got my scoff & were guna watch a couple of episodes of LOST! Sawyer, *droool*!! 

Here is a picture of our little Ladybug, in her ladybug outfit!! cute right? 

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