Thursday, 31 July 2014

Three positives a day.... Day 6.

- My positives for today..

Day 6.

1) Today we got a new bed & Joel thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon bouncing on our old matteress in the garden after Neil had chucked our old bed out of the window (literally) 

2) Finally got round to having Joel's haircut & he looks so much better for it, actually looks like he belongs to somebody again now! 

3) Not really a number three as such, but I am really enjoying this new "topic" I have chosen to do on my page (& I hope you all are too?) I feel that it helps me to reflect on the good things in my day rather than the bad when its been a tough one.. 

Today we messed around with the camera & Neil took some pictures of me with my babies & my favorite one out of them all has to be this one!! I am so having it framed & placed on my wall.. 

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