Thursday, 14 August 2014

Diary post #60. (Having a cesearean section)

Dear Diary.. 

I am extremely hurt by the fact that a certain mother who has managed to have two natural births, practically said to me that because I had to have two cesearian sections, I gave up & failed as a mother... That right there is a disgusting comment from someone who is supposed to be a mother. 

I went through labour both times with my children, the first time I had a 24 hour long induced labour, I spent one hour & half pushing & I also had forceps, which unfortunetely because of my PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) failed & I had to have a section for my son to be brought into this world safety. 

The second time, with my daughter, it was recommended that I had a planned section so this is the road we took, but I was also told that if I went into labour on my own I could try for a natural, at 39 weeks I went into labor on my own after being in slow labor from 38 weeks! I endured a 10 hour long agonizing back to back labor, & I pushed for one hour before history repeated itself, again I had to have forceps, which again failed, & so my "planned" section went ahead & my daughter was brought into this world saftely. 

So when somebody then throws it in your face that they "pushed their daughter into this world" all by themself, it just shows how truly spiteful, arrogant & pathetic they really are, & in my eyes, they are clearly far too young, immature & clueless to actually be having children! 

Nobody should belittle any mother on how they bring their child(ren) into this world, & the people that do are just horrible little cretins that need to get a grip & stop being such arrogant douchebags! Child birth is still child birth, no matter how the child arrives into the world & having a section is far from being "the cowards way out" or classed as a fail. 

I hope that said person never has to experience a section herself in the future, because if she thinks having a natural birth is so darn "traumatic", she definetely wouldnt ever be able to handle a section! Those who try to "compare" & make out a natural birth mum is better than a section birth mum, are clearly just idiots. big fat ones at that.

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