Monday, 4 August 2014

Three positives a day... Day 10,

- my 3 positives for today.

Day 10.

1) Felicity's been diagnosed with reflux today so now she's on gaviscon with her feeds! the positive, hopefully this will help her stomach settle & she'll start to improve. 

2) Neils mum & dad got back from their holiday in Malta tonight, really looking forward to seeing them! Its been a long week & i've actually really missed them. 

3) I'm hoping tonight I might get some sleep! 

A picture of our little ladybug's medicine! one sachet per feed, fingers crossed this helps!! gotta see the doctor again in 2 weeks but he said if it works, we should hopefully see an improvement in the next couple of days!! Love my little lady soooo much, been proper emotional today. 

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