Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Three positives a day.... Day 11.

- my positives for today. 

Day 11

1) This afternoon we took Joel to see his nanna after him not seeing her for an entire week due to her sunning it up in Malta!everybody tells me that Joel is a mummy's boy, & maybe that is true? but i'm soon forgotten when nanna is around!

2) Had a pretty good day mood wise, been struggling a bit this past week tbh & I did have a teeny wobble this morning, but I soon managed to pull myself together & get over it, yey me!!

3) Looking forward to seeing what the rest of this week brings! Enjoying having Neil at home with us as much as possible before the week is out, as he starts his new job on Monday, & I will then be flying solo through the day with our babies!!

Here is a picture of Joel, Felicity & their Nanna! 
(excuse my son's lack of pants) 

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