Saturday, 9 August 2014

Three positives a day... Day 15.

My positives for today. 

Day 15.

1) Woke up this morning in a really horrible low mood & state of mind, so instead of succumbing & moping all day I did something about it. I got out of the house & spent the afternoon in xscape with my little family, had lunch at tgi's & spent some time in the arcades having fun!

2) The child within was released today & it felt so good. rode on the indoor bumper cars with Joel & it was flipping' amazing! especially hearing him squeal with excitement shouting 'faster mummy, faster!'

3) With my husband by my side & my babies to love, I am never going back to being that dark, depressed horrible person that I was all them months ago! onwards & upwards!!

This is what my world looks like! #familyselfie

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