Thursday, 14 August 2014

Three positives a day... Day 19.

My positives for today. 

Day 19. 

1) Today I took Felicity for her 6 weeks check & the doctor said she is a little smasher & that I should be very proud of myself with how far I have come were my depression & anxiety is concerned! (I cried) 

2) Spent an hour in the park with Joel & his nanna this afternoon (Felicity was sleeping in her pram) so I turned into a 3 year old & played on the swings & climbing frame with my son & had lots of fun! 

3) This afternoon was a little boring, especially after our fun at the park, I did a bit of housework & Joel played on his games, but then we had a silly half hour pulling faces in the mirror & being silly billys! 

Here is a picture of us being silly.. (Joel's famous Sonic pose!)

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