Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Three positives a day.... Day 22.

- I won't be doing any positives for yesterday (day 22) as it was a really tough day for me. 

I did try my best to see the positve in my day but I just got too overwhelmed with this mood that seem to just take over me!  i'm a bit disappointed in myself for letting it get to me, but thankfully I managed to sleep the mood off & I am feeling much better today... 

In all honesty, I think its been a long time coming, having a baby & all the new changes that come with it, is a lot to take in, even when you're a mum for the second time round! 

today is a new day though & i'm not going to dwell on my "wobbles"  
happy smiles all round this morning.. asides from Felicity's gorgeous little baby frown!  

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