Saturday, 23 August 2014

Three positives a day.... Day 28.

Positives for the day. 

Day 28. 

Today was a good day. Although we've had a rough couple of days with Felicity suffering with her reflux we still managed to get out of the house today, we decided on taking Joel to Mcdonalds for his lunch, his first ever one! Four years old almost & he's never had a Mcdonalds, well today he wanted one, he just kind of announced it, so it was a case of, well we wana get out of the house so lets do it. :D

Whilst at Mcdonalds, Joel noticed there was a staff member doing face painting, so of course, he then wanted his face painting ^_^ after we'd queued in line for what felt like forever, Joel finaly got a tiger painted on his face & then we took a stroll around town before heading home!

This evening has been spent feeding Felicity every 2 hours because I think she's going through her 6 weeks growth spurt (Y) fabulous haha ;) <3

Here is a picture of Joel's finished face painting. A tiger.

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