Monday, 25 August 2014

Three positives a day.... Day 30.

Positives of the day. 

Day 30.

1) Today has been a snuggle up on the sofa & do nothing day, we've literally just spent the day watching tv & snuggling. 

2) Found myelf getting really stressed out this afternoon because Felicity has literally done nothing but cry, so instead of breaking down & bawling my eyes out, I took myself off into the kitchen for 5 minutes, took a deep breathe, & then went back into the livingroom to sort her out, really quite proud of myself. 

3) its the middle of August & i've had my heating on! had to put all the clothes on the radiators due to the naff weather outside.

Here is a picture of my beautiful creations having a cuddle.. I love how protective of Felicity Joel is! 

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